Corporate Identity & Branding

We create Brands that are instantly recognisable without the name of the business even being present!

A Brand should not be simply a logo device. It should be an all-encompassing ideal or philosophy that tells someone everything they need to know about your business.

A Brand should be your ‘Mission Statement’ encapsulated into one immediate representation.

We have been developing and nurturing Brands for over 20 years and have seen trends come and go when it comes to Brand and Visual Identity, but one thing always amazes us . . . so many companies do not understand the concept of ‘Brand’.

Your Brand is your most powerful marketing tool. It is the first impression potential customers get of what

you and your business represent.

Our Brand Designers have the expertise and experience to understand your business completely and then

create the perfect Identity for you and your prospective customers to relate to. We can build your Brand from the ground up with a complete philosophy, graphical interpretation, Logo Devices and Style Guides so your Brand can be taken across all manner of advertising media or we can revise and breathe new life into an old,

out of date visual identity as, just like fashion, cars and music, everything dates. An awesome Brand Identity created in the 80’s may not suit the modern business landscape even though it still holds the values of the business at its core.

The creation of the perfect Brand involves understanding the business model, what you want your customers to get from your brand and how you want to use your brand.

Once this is established our Brand Designers will develop a rationale for consideration. As with all our work, we work in close collaboration with the client to make sure we are completely on the same page with our understanding of what the client wants. With our expertise we can offer suggestions and give relevant support

to guide the client through the more complex issues that come with developing a Brand such as whether to Register your Brand or not.

Once the Rationale is agreed upon we then submit a range of graphical interpretations for discussion with the client. The interpretations are the stepping stones of the creative process to come to a final Brand that has the look, feel, colour pallet and orientation required to best get the businesses personality across.

Once the final Brand is agreed upon, it is our Designers’ job to complete the finished arts for all creative visual assets for assembly and supply to the client as well as incorporated into website, packaging, stationary or print collateral.

As part of the finished art a Style Guide is created. Style Guides are created as a means to explain both the rationale behind the Brand’s visual identity as well as give instruction on how any visual content and logo devices are to be used across different media. As some colours are not usable in certain situations such as

Black and White Press Advertising this needs to be addressed as does horizontal and vertical use of the Brand. A Style Guide makes sure every agency that works with your Brand in the future knows the do’s and dont’s of the use of your Brand.

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