Graphic Design

Graphic Design is at the heart of everything we do. We started as a Graphic Design Studio over 15 years ago creating brochures and catalogues for the likes of Priceline and Coles, Annual Reports and Booklets forGandel Group and Metropolitan Fire Brigade and have evolved with the times into on-line and interactive implementation but have always remained passionate about all things graphical.

Our award winning Graphic Designers come from some of the best Advertising Agencies in the world including George Patterson Y&R, Clemenger and Leo Burnett to name a few, and have experience in ‘Above Line’ and ‘Below Line’ designing brochure and catalogue content, Press and outdoor Advertising Campaigns, TV and Radio and Publication Design/Production.

Our team have the necessary experience in all the latest creative software to breathe life into whatever project is presented to them.

3D Packaging Design and Prototyping, Image Manipulation and Photo colour correction Digital Illustration and Brand Design are just some of the areas that we excel in.

Outdoor and Indoor lightbox and banner signage is another area of design that we excel at with shopping centres and stores being a large part of our client base in this area.

Graphic design is not only about typography, layout and imagery. It is about the whole package and delivery of the product. This includes the type of media the product will be delivered on – if print collateral, then everything from the kind of paper stock to the type of inks and finishes available need to be considered as part of the design process.

If it is Packaging Design then the visability of the internal product, die-cut requirements as well as colour pallet for shelf level ‘cut through’ are all part of the design process that need to be considered.

We also have the experience to create inspiring on-line banner advertising and flash animation that will get you the much needed ‘cut-through’ required these days with over cluttered websites becoming increasingly more cost effective ways of marketing your products.

As part of the design process we enjoy the long term collaborative & creatively charged relationships we have developed with many successful and influential clients. Our design work is defined by the success of the brands with whom we work. Some of which include, Telstra, AFL House, iSelect, IMAX, MFB, Sensus, Tilling and Philip Morris to name a few.

As with web development or Apps, every project is different. We work with clients big and small, and all budgets. A full range of design and branding options are presented, and narrowed down to your working budget and each project we secure has a creative design team that remains from the initial conceptualizing, copywriting and initial drafts, right through to the final design and finished art so art direction and all iterations are tightly controlled in collabration with you the client so any unnecessary time and miscommunications are eliminated and the final product is something that all are happy and proud to present to the world.

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