Iphone / Ipad Apps

iPhone/iPad/Android Mobile Application Development

We have over 8 years experience developing Apps for both Corporate clients as well as educational and entertainment apps for kids.

And yes, we can develop for both Apple and Android devices.

As everything is going mobile these days there are many options now available for getting your product into the hands of eager consumers. You can have a web-based App. that streams content from your website to the Application on the mobile device or you can have a fully ‘in-the-can’ App that houses all content on the device.

Just as with our website development, we need to be able to offer the most practical solution for the client while keeping the end user in mind. The latest Apps. are all geared around the latest iOS 7 Design Philosophy of getting information across in an informative, inspiring and user friendly manner all delivered in a clean, stripped back and elegant graphical fashion. No more glossy buttons and garish backgrounds.

With this new design philosophy in mind we can deliver an App. that solidifies your brand, foster brand loyalty, generate leads for you, and help your business grow and become more profitable.

The good news is – we can do all of this awesomely!

Our Mobile App. Development Team boasts some of Australia’s leading digital talent that has made us a force to be reckoned with.

Just like a website, an App. is an organic project that changes over the course of the build process due to unforeseen requirements, or new technologies evolving the user experience, so it is imperative that the project is tightly controlled. To make this possible, each project we secure has a team that remains from the initial wire-framing of the App., right through to the final Deployed App. to the AppStore and Google Play so art direction, coding and all iterations are tightly controlled, thus eliminating any unnecessary time and miscommunication.

We have the creative skills to make your App. visually stunning with crisp, pixel-perfect imagery and custom designed layouts and UI/UX (User Interaction/Experience) all based on Apple’s Human User Interface Guidelines of 2013.

By conforming to these Guidelines we can allow your users to get the most out of your App. with fast navigation through the App. without getting lost and optimising the App. for greater memory usage so the user has an enjoyable and pleasant experience, so much so that they will keep it on their device permanently.

Our Apps can be as interactive or as static as you want incorporating all the latest technologies offered by today’s modern smartphones.

Depending on the kind of App. required we can build the necessary databases required and have them readily editable by you, the client for easy upload and updating via the Appstore and Google Play.

And most importantly, once your awesome App. has been developed and deployed to the AppStore and Google Play we can help with marketing your App. to the world via our knowledge of AppStore/Google Play Optimization and Mobile Advertising Strategies.

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